70 Calorie Fresca Mojito

In the summer, my drink of choice is a mojito. I grow a mint plant purely to encourage my mojito addiction. It's so refreshing and boozy all at once! Beer can weigh me down and shots...well, I'm not in college anymore.

To make an ordinary mojito even better, I nix the club soda and sugar. Instead, I make it with Fresca!

First, let's start with the mint. I strongly encourage you to grow a mint plant. They're so easy to grow. But be careful, they're infamous for taking over avoid this problem, I grow it inside in a pot. It's flowing, pretty, smells great, and can be put into drinks! What plant could be better? 

Then, I get half of a lime and cut it into slices. Squeeze it in the glass. Then drop it in and smush with the mint leaves (with the end of a wooden spoon or whatever you have) with the lime to extract that lovely mint flava. 

Next, add in about a cup or so of ice. Pour in a shot of Bacardi rum (or more, if the feeling is right) over the ice, mint, and lime.

Here's the it off with Fresca. Mix it up and there you've got a cool and refreshing summer drink. I choose not to strain this lovely concoction because I think it just looks delightful.

Can't really be beat. This is my summer go to! Hope you all enjoy.

Ingredient List
- 5 to 10 mint leaves
- half a lime
- 1 cup of ice
- 1 or more shots of rum
- 2 or so cups of Fresca

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