AM 60 Minute Spin

Monday Morning Spin class...for an hour.
Let's get to it!

Here is my playlist and spin routine

1. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye feat. Kimbra (4:04) : I hate to conform, since this is the #1 son on Billboard's Hot 100, but I do love this tune. It's also a great song to wake up to. Everyone is kinda sleepy that straggles in, so it's a perfect song that's not in your face at 6:15am. Everyone should be staying at their own pace with very light resistance.

2. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele (3:59) : I added some Adele in the mix to wake everyone up a little. Your legs should start warming up and enjoy this bit before it starts getting tough!

3. Memories - David Guetta Ft Kid Cudi (3:44) : This song has an awesome beat and great to spin to. Everyone should add some resistance to their bike to make it safer for SPRINTS. To this song, we are doing :30 second sprints and :20 second rests. I want everyone's cadence above 120 RPMs!

4. Maximal Crazy - Tiesto (6:50) : Get ready for more SPRINTS! And techno. I'm not a huge fan of techno, but this song is great to sprint to. Now, our sprints are going to get longer..don't worry, our rests get longer too. :40 second sprints and :30 second rests. Cadence: get around and above 120 RPMs.

5. I Wanna Go - Britney Spears (3:30) : Now, everyone needs to add in a little resistance..about a quarter of a turn on your resistance knob. You're almost done with your sprint series! Do :50 second sprints with :30 second rests. I'd like your cadence about 110 RPMs. Good luck!

6. Bruises - Chairlift (4:02) : Congrats! You've made it past the sprints intervals. Use this quirky song to recover and cool down a bit. Drink some water, roll your shoulders, turn down your resistance!!

7. Forever - Chris Brown (4:37) : I love this has a great beat and good energy. Add 2 full turns onto your resistance knob. Your cadence should be around 70 RPMs. Stay seated for :30 seconds, then do JUMPS. Pop out of your seat for about 8 counts..then come down and stay seated for :30 seconds. Repeat until the end of the song.

8. THE Hardest Ever - Will I AM feat. Mick Jagger & J. Lo (4:07) : This song is great for conquering mountains and feeling strong! Let everyone bring their resistance back down to baseline. RPMs should be high 80s once they've turned it down. Let them rest at an easy ride for about a minute. After that..give your knob 1/4 turn up! After :30 seconds, give it another 1/4 turn up! Continute until the end of the song.

9. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (3:58) : Loving the White Stripes and this song having an awesome hill beat made me pick this song for this steep hill. Give your knob 1/2 turn up and HOVER! Hover for :15 seconds then STAND for :30 seconds. SIT. After :30 seconds of sitting, give your knob another 1/2 turn up and HOVER for :15 seconds then STAND for :30 seconds. Repeat! Once you reach the end of the song, you've reached the end of the hill climb. Good job! Release your tension.

10. Roxanne - The Police (3:16) : An old drinking game from college made me select this song for JUMPS. When you hear the name "Roxanne," stand up from your seat. When you hear it again, sit. You get the jist..

11. Blue - Eifel65 (3:29) : This is an older song that broke out..kind of a strange one, but I want you to do the same thing as you did with "Roxanne." Except, I want your cue to be "BLUE." Listen closely, because they say it a lot. Practice makes perfect with this one!

12. Feel So Close (remix) - Calvin Harris (5:36) : Alright, this is the LAST SPRINT you have to do today on your bike. Give your bikes a 1/2 turn up to make it a wee bit challenging. :40 second sprints :20 second rests until the end of the song. Try to get your RPMs just above 120.

13. Upside Down - Jack Johnson (3:33) : Good job! You finished the spin. Reduce your resistance, so it's very light. Cool down..drink some water.

14. The Cave - Mumford & Sons (3:38): Keep cooling down for a couple of minutes. Then, get off your bike and do some quad, ham, calf, hip flexor, and shoulder stretches!

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