Valentine's Day Partner Workout

Happy Valentine's Day!
A perfect day to try out a new workout with your honey. A couple that works out together stays together, right?

Thanks to my lovely volunteer from the gym, I can share with you a wonderful partner workout. Complete as many as you can do of each exercise for 1 to 2 minutes and do 2 sets!

1. Lunge and Touch

Lunge toward an object, hands extending to reach it.
This allows you to lunge down low.

2. Russian Twist Pass

With feet a couple of inches in the air, do a twist with a very light ball.
Pass to your partner and have them twist as well.

3. Squat & Row

Let resistance bands (2) hang loose between you and your partner.
Squat down and row back simultaneously.

4. Bounce Pass

With a medicine ball, bounce pass to one another.

5. High - Low Pass

Back to back with your partner, pass ball high on one side and low on the other.
Half way through, switch high and low sides.

6. MedBall Push Up Roll

Do a push up on a medicine ball, roll to partner and they will do the same.
Roll to opposite side.

7. BOSU Ball Pass

Standing on a BOSU ball, pass a light medicine ball to
your partner (also standing on a BOSU ball).

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