BOSU Workout

BOSU balls are a great tool..expensive if you want to get one
for your home (about $100), but great to work with at the gym.

The concept of using a BOSU ball is that they are unstable
and your body's muscles work to try to stabilize itself while on it.

I made an awesome BOSU workout for one of my
strength classes and it was a success.
Perform each exercise until your muscles fatigue.. do 2 sets!

1. Ball Throws
Stand on the BOSU and either throw a medicine ball
at a partner (careful!) or at a concrete wall

2. Squat & Overhead Press

Squat on the BOSU with weights at shoulders, then stand and push weights up over head.
3. Push Up

Place toes on the BOSU and do push ups.
For modified push ups, place knees on BOSU and push up.

4. Dips
Place hands back on the BOSU and dip down (butt should not touch the floor).

5. Side Plank
Place elbow on BOSU. Your elbow should be directly under your shoulder.
Hold pose and repeat on other side.

6. 1 Legged Bridge

Place heel on BOSU, one leg up...heel towards the ceiling.
Bring hips up and hold for 1 count, then lower hips (not touching ground).

7. Mountain Climbers

Place hands on BOSU and bring knee up towards chest..quickly alternate legs.

8. Static Crab Walk
Start in the same position as the "Dip" and alternate lifting your hands.

9. Squat & Front Raise

Squat on the BOSU, with butt back and weights in front of you.
As you stand up from the squat, raise weights up in front of you (shoulder level).

10. Steering Wheel
Pick up BOSU and grab handles at sides.
Feet should be a little wider than hip width apart and steer BOSU as you would a big truck.
Keep turning back and forth, keeping back straight.

11. Lunge & Toe Tap

Start with your right foot lunged forward on the BOSU with hands stabilizing
you at either side of your foot.
Your left foot should be straight back.
Now, tap left foot in to the edge of the BOSU and quickly move it back and forth.
Switch legs once you tire.

12. C-Sit Hold
Get into a C-Sit position...balancing on your posterior hip bones with your feet off the floor.
Hold this pose for as long as you can without dropping your feet.

13. C-Sit Oblique

In the C-sit position, hold elbows out to the sides.
Touch elbow to opposite knee, twist and do the same to the other side. Repeat.

14. C-Sit Knee Rows

In the C-sit position, outstretch one leg with other leg bent into chest. Alternate legs back and forth.

15. Alternating Push Ups
Push up with one hand on the ball and the other on the floor.
Quickly move to the other side to push up and repeat.

16. Lunge Up & Back
Stand about 3 or 4 feet back from the BOSU.
Lunge backward with your right leg, return to start, and then lunge forward onto the BOSU (as shown), and return to start.
Repeat and then continue on other side.

17. Sit Up to Stand
Sit on the edge of the BOSU, placing feet hip width apart, and lie back.
Return to sitting and stand up off of the BOSU. Repeat.

This is a great total body workout using a BOSU ball.
Try it!

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