Washboard Abs Circuit

A good circuit if you're looking for some nice abs to go with those snowpants
...these exercises are also good for overall toning.

perform each exercise for 1 whole minute...no breaks!

1. Plank Touches
- Hold yourself up in an upwards plank - like the starting position of a push up
- When your minute starts, I want you to bring your left knee up and touch the inside of your foot with your right hand.  Get back to the starting position and do the same with the other side.
- Keep going back and forth for 1 minute!

2. Head Swirls
- Hold a weight in your hands. I used a kettlebell, you can hold a plate weight or dumbbell.
- Stand in a stable stance and hold weight overhead.
- Swirl around head (make sure you have a good grip)
- After 30 seconds, rotate weight around head in the opposite direction.

3. Pushup Jacks
- Get in an upward push up position
- As your upper body lowers towards the ground, quickly spread your feet outwards
- When you come up again, bring feet back together
- Repeat this for 1 minute!
4. Side Plank
- Lie on side and come up on your elbow which should be right below your shoulder
- Your body should be in a straight line, feet stacked (if you can't do that, staggered step is fine, too)
- After 30 seconds, switch onto other side

5. Knee Ups
- Lie on back and hold weight over your head...weight not touching the ground
- Legs should be straight out and feet should be a few inches off the ground
- Bring one knee towards your chest and bring weight from overhead to your knee
- Return to starting position and bring other knee towards chest and bring weight to that knee
- Repeat for 1 minute!

6. Pulse Ups
- Lie with hands underneath your tailbone and have legs raised and pointed straight up toward the ceiling
- Pull your navel inward, and flex your glutes as you lift your hips a few inches off the floor and then lower
- Repeat for 1 minute!

7.  Two-Point Bridge
- Get up into pushup postion...except elbows down.
- Lift your right arm and your left leg off the floor at the same time. Hold for 3 - 5 seconds
- Return to starting position, then repeat, lifting your left arm and right leg this time
- Go back and forth for 1 minute!

8. Figure 8 in a Squat
- Stand in a squat position
- Hold weight in your hand (kettlebell is best, but can also use weighted plate and dumbbell)
- Weave weight in and out of of legs in a figure 8 position

Repeat circuit until you tire!!
Good luck!

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