Today I feel like Jillian Michaels.
No wussy workout for me today.
This is what my work out looks like:


I'm getting in my cardio first, so I can get it over with. I'm planning on doing a 5k on New Year's Eve, so I'm running 3.1 miles on this lovely cold December morning..inside. I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill, but I'm going to do it because it's better than losing an ear to frostbite.

Always, always, always run on some kind of an incline when you're on the treadmill..so I do it at a 0.5% incline. I heard once that running on a treadmill with no incline is equivalent to running downhill.

Also, I'm doing intervals today because it makes running on a treadmill just a little bit more interesting (and you burn way more calories). I'm starting off with a jog at 6.4 mph for 5 minutes, then working up to 6.6 mph as my jog speed. My intervals = 6.6 mph for 2 minutes and 7.5 mph for 1 minute. Repeat this until your 5k is finally over.

Fellow trainer, Kim, & I after 5K Turkey Trot
On a personal note, "I" believe that running over 6 miles at a time is absolute body abuse. For me, that is the case. But my heart goes out to all of those survivors running in those marathons, triathalons or dare I say it...iron mans. It takes serious mental courage to put yourself through that kind of endurance training. I once ran in the Virginia 10 Miler ...and thought I was going to die before, during, and after the run (note: the race was in Lynchburg, aka the city of 7 hills). If you're doing that kind of training, my hat goes off to you.
Personally, I learned to love competing in 5ks. It keeps me in shape, the company is always great, and I feel delightful before, during, and after.


This, I believe, is my favorite part of working out. It allows you to be creative and really see what your body can do. I always design my strength training program in a circuit style...not much of a break in between exercises and I always do 2 to 3 sets and I do as many reps as I can in about 1 or 2 minutes. This is what's on the menu..
Push Up
Jump feet in

Stand up & Jump straight up

Bridge w/ Tri Extension

The Clam


BOSU Squat Jumps


Lunge & Curl
Repeat on opposite side

C-Sit Row

Can Opener
Bring arms back and repeat on other side

 Good luck, guys! Comment if you have any questions

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